The music foundation at Newport Cathedral has developed into an organisation worthy of support by all who have the best interests of cathedral music at heart. In a post-industrial city, the Cathedral has for decades supported an excellent choir of boys and men, who have led the services with fine music. Unlike many Cathedrals, there is no choir school and the choristers attend a number of different local schools.

The Cathedral Choir has, for many years, consisted of men and boys: up to 16 boy choristers and around a dozen gentlemen. 2015 saw the launch of a brand new, separate Cathedral Girls’ Choir allowing the Cathedral to give the same opportunities and musical education to local girls. A new Cathedral Voluntary Choir was also founded in 2015, made up of adults, which exists to help lead the worship when the Cathedral Choirs are on holiday. There are currently three choral services per week: Evensong on a Friday and Eucharist and Evensong on a Sunday.

The Choir tours regularly; recent trips have included Westminster Abbey and a tour to Germany. This summer the men and boys were in resident for a week at St David’s Cathedral, West Wales.

There is a huge amount of support for the invaluable musical, educational, spiritual and social work of the Cathedral Choirs locally, nationally and internationally. This support has been recognised by the foundation, in October 2009, of the Friends of Newport Cathedral Choir (FNCC), the main objective being to further the work of Newport Cathedral by assisting, maintaining and supporting its choral tradition.

FNCC is fortunate to have the support of a number of most distinguished men and women as Vice Presidents of the organisation.

The main objectives of the Association relate to:

- Further the work of Newport Cathedral for the benefit of the public, by assisting, maintaining and supporting its Choral tradition, its organist and choir.

- Advance the education of the general public by the promotion and encouragement of performances of church music and by the promotion of the arts by the presentation of concerts, broadcasts and other activities;

- Offer workshops and other activities to singers, regardless of their means, in order to extend access to church music, to enable as wide a range of people as possible to participate in the cathedral music tradition.

- Strive for musical excellence by ensuring that those who direct, teach or play for the choristers are appropriately qualified and objectively assessed;

- Arrange lectures and related events aimed at promoting the tradition of church music;

- Make available bursaries to individual members of the choir to enable them to participate in choir-related activities that will be of benefit to the public;


For information on committee members, vice presidents &  financial awards for choir members, please click here.


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